Event Communications

Taconic Marketing manages pre-event publicity for companies and organizations, including the Yorktown Grange Fair. We have promoted multi-day sports and family festivals, golf outings and more. We would love the opportunity to discuss how our multi-faceted and multi-media approach can help promote your event!

Yorktown Grange Fair

A three day annual event, the Yorktown Grange Fair is a true country fair, unique in suburban New York. More than 20,000 attendees enjoy livestock and agriculture exhibits, great food, rides, musical and children's entertainment and more. Taconic Marketing is honored to provide public relations, email marketing, social media, advertising and website services to the fair, as well as designing the fair program.

Our services include:

  • public relations
  • email campaigns
  • printed communications
  • social media
  • print, online and radio advertising.

We work closely with fair management to establish the budget and oversee all expenditures on their behalf.

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Public Relations

Our PR efforts focus primarily on distributing information about the fair to the media, bringing the personality of the fair to the community. As a family-oriented, community and agricultural event, we work to convey the spirit of family fun that makes the fair an annual "must do" for so many area residents.

Our first press releases are sent in late winter, when Westchester residents are looking forward to resuming outdoor activities with family and friends and continue to be distributed through September, with the fair wrap-up announcing the contest winners. We manage and maintain the fair's press list, and cultivate positive relationships with our colleagues in the media.

Online, we post in blogs of interest to fairgoers such as parenting groups and community bulletin boards.

Email Campaigns

For several years we have been building our "opt-in" email list, through a form on the website and in-person sign-ups. Our list is segmented into interest groups, allowing us to tailor the communications appropriately. We limit the number of emails sent to avoid inbox fatigue and keep our communications fresh and relevant.

Social Media and Online Advertising

We actively post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the season to build enthusiasm for the upcoming event. We also run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp. In 2019 we set up our You Tube channel and look forward to posting videos of the 2020 fair!

Radio Advertising

We advertise on several regional radio outlets, producing spots that bring a hint of humor and fun to the advertising. Over the past several years we have established a unique style, creating immediate recognition that this is a Yorktown Grange Fair ad!


Yorktown Grange Fair Screen Shot

The annual Yorktown Grange Fair is the only authentic agricultural fair in Westchester County and is a favorite among residents of the entire metropolitan area. Taconic Marketing designed the first website for the fair in 1997 and has been designing and maintaining the site since.

The audience for this site changes as the seasons progress. Early in the year, the site is used mainly by potential sponsors, vendors and entertainers. As summer progresses, local residents and exhibitors want information about contests and competitions. Finally, as fair time approaches, information like schedules of events, admissions fees, directions, and special offers become the focus.

To facilitate updates while maintaining the design, the site is modular, allowing easy "swapping" of information throughout the year. The home page features prominent rotating images to convey some of the fun of the fair.

View Site

Printed Communications

We design and produce printed communications including postcards, flyers, and magazine and newspaper advertising, as well as the fair's website and a program distributed at the gate. Scroll down to see a sampling of the materials we produce.

Save the Date Postcard

Save the Date postcard

People are busy, especially in early September with vacations ending, schools opening, the beginning of sports seasons and other family-oriented events. Our "Save the Date" postcard serves as a take-one, distributed throughout Westchester in late spring and early summer.

We use photographs of the fairgrounds and activities to illustrate the range of family amusements and highlight special events like the ever-popular Antique Tractor Parade.

Click image to view detail.

Contest Announcement Postcard

Contest postcard

Contests and competitions are among the highlights of the fair for the hundreds of participants who enter their produce, floral arrangements, needlework and crafts, Lego creations, livestock, photographs, paintings, and baked goods in the blue-ribbon contests. The cards are mailed to our list (compiled over the many years of competitions), in June.

We provide two convenient ways to get the participation rules and details: on the fair website, and in a booklet sent through the mail. For environmental and cost reasons, we prefer to distribute online, but every year we do mail a few dozen of our booklets. The postcards serve to remind participants that it's time to get ready for the fair.

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Print Advertising

Print Advertising

Our advertising plan for the fair includes advertising in local weekly newspapers, a major regional newspaper and several regional magazines.

The visual approach is similar to our collateral materials, using colorful graphics and photographs of the fair to acquaint readers with all the fair offers.

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Event Signs

Yorktown Grange Fair event board sign

The town of Yorktown has official event signboards at key intersections throughout the town. The signs are custom-sized to fit the 5-foot wide signboards, and must meet municipal specifications.

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Posters and Flyers

Yorktown Grange Fair poster

The fair management works with many local organizations and government authorities to "get the word out" about the fair. Flyers and posters are placed prominently throughout Westchester county at venues and events.

Utilizing the same photo techniques as our other collateral materials, posters and flyers tell the story in greater detail.

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Street Banners

YGF Street Banner

A 20 foot banner is displayed at the main intersection in Yorktown Heights for several weeks prior to the fair. The sign is kept current by replacing the vinlys for the date every year, which results in significant cost savings without sacrificing quality and appearance. A banner also greets fair goers at the entrance to the fairgrounds.

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Event Schedule and Program

Yorktown Grange Fair Program

Each day, the Yorktown Grange Fair is packed with entertainment, games, contests and fun. The 8-panel fair program provides fair goers with all the what, when and where information they need to get the most value at the fair. It includes a custom designed theme logo on the front cover and a daily schedule of events. Ample advertising area provides a revenue opportunity for the entirely volunteer, non profit organization.

The front and back panels of the 2019 fair are shown to the left.

Click image to view the entire brochure.